Forget motivation...Forget willpower...Forget struggle...
Energy psychology makes your hard-to-reach goals happen
with ZERO stress when you learn to...

"Remove Your Blocks
to Success with EFT"

a new program
from Gwenn Bonnell

recorded live

You already have the skills to be successful in your life.

You know the steps you need to take.

So what happens when you try?

You take a few steps forward... but then find yourself taking MORE than a few steps back!

Does it feel like some invisible force is holding you back... and the harder you press on the gas pedal, the faster you go in reverse? What's going on?

No, it's not weak will power, low self-esteem, or a personality defect. It's NOT a lack of motivation and no, it's not even your fault!

It's actually a reversal in your mind-body energetics!

Is it true that you can make a quick change to your "energy system" and undo years of frustration in any area of your life? The answer, surprisingly, is yes. This is science, NOT wishful or "positive" thinking. This is a step-by-step process that really works.

On this program -- recorded live before a packed house in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, listen for yourself how EFT works on a variety of issues, as Gwenn demonstrates...

    • How one attendee melts away a crippling fear of success that's stopping her from succeeding as a Real Estate Investor
    • How another, a professional musician, learns to finally erase the jitters that keep sabotaging her performance day after day.
    • How -- exactly -- to use EFT with children. (What to say, and what not to say.)
    • How to do Remote EFT, and help other people change, even without their knowing it.
    • An easy fill-in-the-blank process that makes it a snap to uncover the precise thoughts you have that are limiting you the most, and how to quickly change those thoughts with EFT.

The fact is...No matter WHAT level of success you have, or even how much (or how little!) experience you have with EFT, this introductory program is an outstanding way to sample a variety of EFT applications in one powerful two-hour program.

Gwenn Bonnell will show you why EFT is so effective and rapid for personal change, and demonstrate on a variety of issues.

Best of all, thanks a to a technique called "Borrowing Benefits" you will get to tap along as you listen, and find relief of your own personal issues...

"I've spent a fortune on seminars around the country, training in everything from NLP to self-hypnosis to rebirthing to the latest "success conditioning." I bought the tapes, read the books, shouted motivational slogans till I was hoarse, but Gwenn's Reversal-Correction technology is different, effective and FAST.
It's like finding your ON-switch for personal achievement."
-- Sean Collins, Consultant, Miami, Florida

You will learn how to...

  • Create massive (and effective!) action from a place of ease, rather than pumped-up pretend motivation.
  • Finally uncover and clear the INTERNAL (and often unknown) blocks to reaching ANY goal (This alone is worth at LEAST ten times the cost of this workshop!).
  • Choose to operate from a place of power instead of struggle and force.
  • Program permanent success into your energy system and effortlessly attract everything you need to reach your most important goals.

But be warned: This is NOT a motivational talk, although you will be motivated. This is a WORKshop, and for maximum results be sure to roll up your sleeves and follow along with Gwenn as you listen to this audio...


By now you may be wondering...

"I already know about EFT, should I get this?"
Yes, Gwenn's use of EFT, combined with her experience in Energy Medicine, make this is a uniquely helpful example of EFT in action. The demonstrations on this program will help you take your skills with EFT to the next level, not just in your EFT skill with others but also for correcting your own self-sabotage issues.


"I know nothing about EFT, is this program
too advanced for me?"

It's definitely not too advanced! These audios were taken from a live intro program delivered to a group of over a hundred people. SOME of them knew about EFT, some were even EFT veterans, but MOST were brand new to the field!
They learned how powerful this technology is for removing your success roadblocks -- and now you can too! Follow along with Gwenn's simple, zero-confusion instructions and see results for yourself!


"I have never bought anything online before, and I don't know how to download something that will play on my computer."
Don't worry if you've never downloaded anything before, you'll also receive easy-to-follow directions AND a tech-support contact if you need it (which you won't). If you can open an email, or visit a website and click, then you can download and play an audio.
Of course you must have speakers on your computer, or headphones you can plug into your computer. (Either one is fine.)


Here are the audios you will be hearing in just a few minutes
when you order now.
  • Track 1. Introduction: Why this works
  • Track 2. Demo:Total Shutdown
  • Track 3. Demo:Remembering Fear
  • Track 4. Demo:Presentation Fear
  • Track 5. Your Questions Answered
  • Track 6. EFT for Weight Loss
  • Track 7. EFT with Children
  • Track 8. Money Tapping
  • Track 9. Biggest Question
  • Track 10. Blast Your Blocks
  • Track 11. Q&A Surrogate EFT
  • Track 12. Brilliant Tapping

You will receive these 12 audios via easy download, directly to your computer. That means you will receive this immediately, even if it's 2:00 o'clock in the morning!

Don't worry if you've never downloaded anything before, you'll also receive easy-to-follow directions AND a tech-support contact if you need it (which you won't).

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Gwenn Bonnell is an author and premier trainer in Energy Therapy, offering private and group training in advanced uses of Power Energy Therapies and Energy Medicine since 1999. She shares simple, powerful, and transformational personal energy methods with people locally and globally through her private consultations, workshops, web sites, ebooks and audio programs. Gwenn's works have been translated into 6 languages and are available worldwide. She can be reached at 954-370-1552
or via email at

Risk-Free Guarantee!!
You are going to absolutely love this!

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